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Diwali Sale 2019 (Get 80% Off On Amazon & Flipkart)

Those who like to buy items online like Amazon and Flipkart, then Diwali Sale 2019 is going to start for you this month, which will start on different dates for different stores, we will give you some specific information about Diwali Sale 2019 Give

Diwali Sale On Amazon Great Indian Festival 2019

If you are the prime member of Amazon, then this sale will start for you on September 28 at 12:00.

In the sale of Amazon Diwali Sale 2019, you give some information if you pay with SBI Debit Card during this time, then you get a discount of 10% which can get a maximum of ₹ 10000.

Talk about other offers, here you have no cost EMI. You can get 10 products which you can get.

Diwali Sale 2019 (Get 80% Off On Amazon & Flipkart)

             Talking about the third offer, you will get 40% off on the newly launched mobile phones in the Amazon Diwali Sale, which is a great offer. Talk about the electric product, here too you are going to get no cost EMI exchange offers.

            The mobile phone on which you will get the maximum discount in the smartphone is the brand 1 Plus Samsung M series Xiaomi and Vivo will get the most discounts on these mobiles, in addition to the electronic product you will get the most discounts on laptop camera fitness tracker and headphones. will get.

                                            And if you are thinking of buying a TV or fridge, then this sale is going to be really fun for you, in this you will get 60% off on TV fridge with no cost EMI exchange offer and prime extended warranty.

In the sale of Amazon, you get more offers like if you buy clothes and shoes watch or a person then you get 90% off in it, plus 100 cashback and latest trend fashion and 30 days return policy. When you go to buy kitchen items like water RO bed bulbs etc., you will now get 20% off plus cashback of ₹ 750.
                       If you too are fond of reading books like me, then there is a good news for you, in this Diwali cell you are getting 70% off on books.


Diwali Sale On Flipkart Big Billion Days 2019

Along with Amazon, Flipkart is going to start its Big Billion Day Sale which will run from 29 September to 4 October.This sale will see many special offers and cashback offers.In this you will get 10 instant discounts on Exit Bank and ICICI Bank Credit Card. Which is 10000 maximum.


Products and Discounts

If you like Oppo’s phone then it is good news for you that you will be able to get Oppo’s f11pro in this cell for just ₹ 14990, apart from this you will also get a huge discount on Puma Shoes and Apple Watch 3 for ₹ 14999.

Flipkart has given very heavy discounts on some products in its Diwali Sale, the main of which is LG 49 Ultra HD which you will get for ₹ 45999, Oppo a83 you will get for ₹ 8990 which will be available on September 30 at 9:00 am

Apart from this JBL Free X You will get ₹ 3999, which is the headphone of X, it is going to be operational on 30th September at 12:00 in addition to the Iffalcon 65 which is the TV Ultra Smart is going to get ₹ 900 on September 29th at 10:00 pm

If you live in a city where there is not a good place for jogging and are thinking of buying a treadmill, then this offer is also a good news for you.

If you want to do a treadmill, then you have a treadmill here with a market price of ₹ 41000.

You will get this product for just ₹ 11999 in the offer, you will get it on September 29 at 8:00 pm.

This Maha Diwali Sale of Flipkart which is known as Flipkart Big Billion Days has many more products which are heavily discounted out of which you will get ₹ 639 for the portable laptop tablet.

to buy a gas stove by applying, you will get a stove of Pigeon Ultra Four Burner ₹ 2900. If you want to buy Godrej Fuli Automatic it goes free. Micro will find ₹ 9499.

In this Big Billion Sale of Flipkart, there is a huge discount on many categories of products, in which you will get 75% off on TV & App licenses, in addition to 2% off on Electronics & Accessories, you will get 90% off on fashion items. It includes 1000+ brands.

If you Like to B Home Assistant and Furniture then you will get 50 to 90% off and the biggest good news is that if you book Flipkart Travelers Air Ticket then you will get 25000 off now.

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